Champ Manager head(er)ing to PSP

Handheld version of the football management sim cometh and there're a whole bunch of new features in the works

Eidos has announced plans to deliver a PSP version of football management series Championship Manager, with development of the handheld project being handled - no pun intended - by Gusto Games.

Apparently, the PSP version of the game will introduce a number of new features (part of which includes new game modes Challenge mode and Quick-play 3 season mode) to beef up the usual sim malarkey: you'll get a 2D match engine, 55 playable leagues across 12 nations, 25,000 players in the database, team tactics planning, a transfer system, live cup draws, interactive boardroom and staff and - pause for breath - you'll be able to download season data to keep stats up to date.

No idea when Championship Manager on PSP is out as a release date's not been given but keep an eye on for future details.