Frighteningly new Forbidden Siren 2 screens

Atmospheric new shots from Sony's promising Forbidden Siren survival horror sequel, but you're not allowed to look

The original Forbidden Siren was one of the most tense, most emotionally jarring survival horror games we've ever played. Which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise when you consider that Keiichiro Toyama, creator of the Silent Hill series, was at the helm.

Unfortunately the game's impressive atmosphere was marred by two significant issues. Firstly, it was so mind-bogglingly bastard hard, you'd probably make the same amount of progress in-game if you played blindfolded, with your hands behind your back and operated the controller by bashing your head repeatedly against the analogue stick. Secondly, the English localisation and voice acting was absolutely diabolical, coming dangerously close to destroying almost all semblance of atmosphere every time someone unwisely decided to open their mouth.


Now, since Sony's announcement that a sequel's in the works, we're hoping the company can iron out the creases and finally allow Forbidden Siren 2 to live up to its predecessor's ample promise. As you can see from the brand new shots on this page, it already looks like the game's got the bleakly oppressive atmosphere in the bag with some truly unsettling enemies that make the original's roster look like puppies with big, sad eyes.

We've not managed to get clarification from Sony yet regarding a European release for the game, but we'd imagine it's likely to reach these shores some time next year. Please don't screw up the localisation this time though, eh?