Call of Duty 2 rolls out 'Tank Hunt' movie

We're sure there's a gag about making tracks here somewhere. Anyway, new movie from the PC and Xbox 360 FPS inside

You may have played the recently released Call of Duty 2 single-player demo (for PC) so already given the lolly a lick but while the brief taster dealt with the Brits (rule Britannia!) a new trailer rolling out onto the 'net from Activision HQ gives a glimpse of action fresh from the FPS sequel's Russian campaign. It's street fighting a-go-go in the trailer as a combatant ducks through bombed-out buildings, shoots a few Germans and attempts - successfully in the end - to plant explosives on a tank.

Enjoy the fun by hitting the download link below comrade.

Call of Duty 2 'Tank Hunt' movie
Download here (94.2Mb, QuickTime)