GTA PSP multiplayer modes revealed

Rockstar unleashes the first batch of Liberty City Stories multiplayer details for Protection Racket, Get Stretch and Liberty City Survivor modes

When we snuck down to Rockstar's secret bunker a while back to check out GTA: Liberty City Stories on PSP, the company was remaining tight-lipped about any wi-fi multiplayer possibilities - the meanie.

Now however, the company's lifted the multiplayer lid over at the game's official website, revealing not one, not twelve, but three completely new, never-before-seen-in-a-GTA game multiplayer modes: Liberty City Survivor, Protection Racket and Get Stretch.

Liberty City Survivor appears to be your basic Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode. Either playing solo or working in gangs, you've got to blast, pummel and shunt the opposition to be the first player or team to reach the pre-determined Kill Limit or dish out the most death within the Time Limit.

Protection Racket sees two teams entrusted with a set of four glistening Limousines. Each team takes it in turns to either attack the opposition's base and vehicular bounty or defend their own. When the attacking team has destroyed the other side's cars, it's up to the second team to go on the offensive and obliterate the Limos faster than the first.

Finally, Get Stretch is your basic Capture the Flag-style jaunt. Each team must storm the opposition's base, steal their car and bring it back to HQ while making sure the pesky buggers don't get their grubby fingers on your own four-wheeler.

It looks like each mode can be played with up to six players and, judging by the website, Rockstar still has a few multiplayer revelations up it's sleeve which we'll no doubt discover as Liberty City Stories release on October 28 draws nearer.