X05: Most Wanted feels 360's need for speed

Next-gen racing pushes pedal to the metal in new screenshots from EA's Need for Speed game

"Wake up to the smell of burnt asphalt as the thrill of illicit street racing permeates the air". Oh, okay then EA, we guess so. Actually, living and working in the Big Smoke, don't we do that every morning already anyway? Yep, well, erm, if you hadn't already heard, there's Microsoft's major European event X05 about to get underway in Amsterdam which explains why we've got a batch of new Xbox 360-version Need for Speed Most Wanted screens to show you. Have a look. They're quite nice really.

It's open-world style play we're looking at here and Most Wanted combines illicit street racing and tuner customisation with police pursuit - neee na neee na neee na. You'll get to face off against rival racers, dodge the cops and attempt to be really, really bad-ass and climb your way up the ladder of notoriety by building up street cred and your rap sheet. Oh, and the Xbox 360 version employs such graphical techniques as normal mapping and real-time lighting. Oooooh.


Enjoy the shots.