Mario Kart DS misses finish line

It's another Nintendo delay folks - thankfully this one isn't of the Twilight Princess kind of magnitude

Long-term Nintendo fans might remember a time when news of the company's big name franchises missing their release date came more frequently than a nymphomaniac sat on the spin cycle. So, in many ways, it's like being back in the good old days, what with Zelda: The Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime Hunters and now Mario Kart DS slipping back unexpectedly.

No need to jump off that multi-storey car park roof just yet though - Mario Kart DS is only skulking back in Europe, and it's only going to be two weeks late. It's now due out on November 25 rather than the previously touted November 11.

Although Nintendo's not revealed any particular reason for the delay, we'd hazard a guess that it's probably been set back to allow for some last minute tweaks to the company's European Wi-fi Connection service, which Jim Merrick was adament would be launching at the same time as the game when we interviewed him recently (refreshers can be found here and here). Cheerio.