X05: Capcom eats Xbox 360 brains

Brand new screens from Capcom's George A. Romero-alike zombie blast fest - get them before they go putrid!

If you've ever seen Night of the Living Dead, then you'll know shopping malls aren't at all the sort of place you'd want to hang around in, right bang in the middle of a zombie invasion. Seems like no-one bothered to tell Frank West, the unlikely hero of Capcom's Dead Rising - a survival horror game with more braindead zombies than our daily Tube commute into work.

Playing as West, a freelance photographer hunting for the scoop of a lifetime, you end up stranded in a smalltown shopping mall underseige from hordes of the shambling undead. You've apparently got full reign of the shopping centre and you'll need to use the resources and vehicles you find in the various stores to hold off the endless tide of animated corpses - we're particular fans of the golf manouvere which sees West teeing off to get a hole in one zombie skull.


Alongside an "unprecedented number of enemies" - and judging by the shots on this page, we're inclined to believe Capcom on this one - Dead Rising also features a constant day and night cycle. When it's light, your undead foes are slow, shambolic and generally brainless while the night-time brings out their high-speed, super strong side. Cripes.

Dead Rising's already looking like it's going to be a complete hoot, in a horrifyingly tense and atmospheric sort of way so we're looking forward to the game's Xbox 360 release next year.