X05: MotoGP 2006 pulls wheelies on Xbox 360

THQ and Climax announce next-gen version of the hit racing sim series, screens delivered

THQ and Climax have taken Microsoft's X05 event as opportunity to announce the latest instalment in the MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology for Xbox 360. It's called, imaginatively, MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 2006.

Currently there's not a whole heap of info on the title although apparently it's being developed exclusively for Microsoft's next-gen console and there's the usual 'big up' talk of the game offering superb realism and intensity - which it may well do. You can bet Climax will be pulling out all the stops when it comes to Xbox Live play too.

Erm, and, well, that's it. We do however have the first four screenshots from MotoGP 2006 for your viewing pleasure, so go ahead and take a peek.