X05: Joanna steps out the dark. Again

Here are seven new screenshots from Rare's Xbox 360 FPS Perfect Dark Zero and you will like them, oh yes you will

Perfect Dark Zero. It's an FPS sequel. It's developed by Rare. It's on Xbox 360. And it's been anticipated since mankind first realised that breaking wind in someone's face was the funniest thing ever. Or something. We're 99.9% certain it'll be available on Xbox 360 launch day in Europe although Microsoft appears reluctant to state anything in black and white and instead keeps talking about 'launch windows'. Ho-hum.

Anyway, X05 has delivered new Perfect Dark Zero screenshots so we've uploaded the blighters to this here page. Check them out. Or print them out if you like and turn them into a fetching paper hat. You won't win any prizes for wearing it though - well other than looking a prize tit that is.