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Hot new GTA: Liberty City movie!

Rockstar slams out more PSP GTA lovin' with a brand new Liberty City Stories trailer - cast your eyes this way

With barely a fortnight left before the Grand Theft Auto series makes its PSP debut in the form of GTA: Liberty City Stories, it's no surprise that the hype machine is cranking up to eleven.

Hot on the news heels of Rockstar's Liberty City Stories multiplayer announcement, the software king of controversy has tossed out a brand new trailer, showing more of Tony Cipriani's Liberty City exploits in full-on moving-panel box-o-rama - what's more, you can see it right at the bottom of this page.

See car chases! See angry, fist-shaking policemen! See motorbikes! See a SWAT team muscle in on the action! Then get trampled to death as every single GTA fan in the universe stampedes their local games emporium as if under some curious and inexplicable mind control on October 28.

GTA: Liberty City Stories trailer
Download here (6.7Mb, WMV)