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King Kong demo stomps onto the 'net

Go ape over the weekend. We plan to

Stomp, stomp, stomp. Angrily beat chest. Gnaarrgrrr. Sorry, we're just re-enacting a scene from the old King Kong movie, which is entirely relevant to this news piece as we're here to inform you that a PC demo of Ubisoft's move tie-in game Peter Jackson's King Kong has just jumped onto the 'net, lured by the smell of fresh, juicy bananas and one screaming, hapless heroine who's the unwilling victim of ape love.

Download the demo (nab it here) and you'll experience two levels from the full game, one level allowing you to hop into the shoes of Jack Driscol and the second the big, furry ape suit of the mighty Kong.

Peter Jackson's King Kong is out this November on PC and lots and lots of other formats, so like Kong himself it'll be hard to miss.