Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Evil reborn as the Doom 3 expansion roars onto Xbox

Behold the standalone expansion pack to Doom! Due "In time for Christmas", according to Activision, the add-on will take you further into the bowels of hell to face allnew horrors armed with all-new weapons. If you haven't yet played Doom 3, then you should put this magazine down right now, go and buy a copy, and give it a go. Rarely does a game make you soil yourself with genuine fear, and seldom does a game look so damned good too. After all, why fork out a grand or so for a gaming PC when a 100 quid Xbox can do the trick just as well?

Every dark corridor echoes with the torturous sounds of living, breathing evil. It's the kind of game you want to appreciate in bite-sized hourlong sessions rather than hammering your way through it in a gaming marathon. It looks so good you'll want to stop and admire the level design. You'll even want to stop and admire the gloriously detailed enemies, although that's not really an option as they'll tear you apart in seconds. Doom 3 was a world-class game from a world-class developer, and there's even more horror-gaming lying in the shadows with an expansion pack that doesn't require you to have the original game.


Resurrection of Evil continues the story from Doom 3, the setting once again being the red planet of Mars. Events are picked up two years after the blood-curdling original, with the UAC company returning to the now-abandoned Mars research facility to check out a mysterious buried beacon that has something to do with an ancient civilization. We're betting good money that the mysterious buried beacon also has something to do with terrible demons from the depths of hell.

Although the game's an expansion rather than a full-blown sequel, you're definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck. Specifically with the longawaited return of the classic sawn-off doublebarrelled shotgun to the Doom series, which we
welcome with open arms. Oh, and the ability to harness demonic powers and use them against hell's new army doesn't hurt either. You'll also be having fun with with the bowel-loosening forces of gravity, in the form of the Grabber, admittedly almost an exact copy of Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun.

If the final game's not ready for review next issue, we'll hopefully get some quality hands-on time with id's latest monster. So far there's been no word from id or Nerve on whether Resurrection's level design will be tweaked so it all flows perfectly on Xbox as it did in Doom 3. While the expansion has less content than the original, there's still going to be plenty of undead monsters to make you jump for joy, so maybe the tweaking won't be needed?

The PC release came under fire for being too similar to Doom 3 and not adding enough new elements into the fire and brimstone mix. Will the Xbox version suffer the same fate? Look out for the exclusive review in the not-so-distant future.