Hey, we're going to The Movies

Lionhead releases a new The Movies movie. Get a movie on and view it inside

'Armed and Rabid' is the title of a new movie from Lionhead's forthcoming Hollywood studio sim The Movies. It's, ah, well a little silly really (a bit like a WWII-era movie a colleague recently created with the game which starred lesbian lovers with a wind problem - and squawking like chickens - reuniting in a war-ravaged village) as a trio of robbers dressed in bunny costumes and armed with lethal bananas hold up a bank and demand carrots and... well, just watch it for yourself and try not to fall off your chair in fits of laughter.

The Movies recently went gold and we're expecting the see the PC game release next month in the UK although Activision informed us that a street date is still "tbc" when contacted earlier. Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer. We've also uploaded some screenshots to this page should your eyes need a little further exercise.


The Movies 'Armed and Rabid' movie
Download here (42.9Mb, WMV)