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New Perfect Dark Zero trailer

Joanna stuns with her sizeable munitions in Microsoft's X05 Perfect Dark Zero trailer (and other half-hearted breast jokes)

With excitement reaching fever pitch for the increasingly imminent Xbox 360 launch this Christmas, Microsoft is pimping its first-party offerings harder than ever - regardless of whether they actually end up as launch titles or not.

Short of a Halo 3 to whip slathering fan boys into a pre-ejaculatory frenzy of hive mentality worship, it's been left up to Rare's super-long-awaited Perfect Dark Zero to sate everyone's itchy trigger fngers and first-person shooter needs. Given the quality of the N64 original though, it looks like Microsoft couldn't have picked a better candidate than Joanna Dark to fill Master Chief's shoes and with that next-gen might behind her behind, she's looking lovelier than ever.

To whit, we've laid hands on the latest Perfect Dark Zero trailer that Microsoft used to pimp its wares over at X05 last week. It's small, it's a little bit fuzzy but if you press your face right up against the screen and squint your eyes, we swear, it's just like playing Xbox 360.

Perfect Dark Zero X05 trailer
Download here (5.06Mb, WMV)