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Enigma: Rising Tide (Gold Edition)

Will this reheat of a sub-standard (ho ho) 2003 naval sim float your boat?

Oh, gold edition. This must be something special. Actually this gold edition of Enigma: Rising Tide is just a reheat of a sub-standard (ho ho) 2003 naval sim with some upgraded texturing and environmental effects, a selection of new missions and, for some unfathomable (ho ho) reason, new tunes.

Trouble is the game's remained the same. Command a selection of watery vessels - frigates, torpedo boats, submarines, giant inflatable hotdog sausages - as you fight just prior to the second of our most recent world wars for either the Americanos, das Mütiland or us beautiful British types.


Which sounds quite good, eh? It would be if there was any sense of depth (ho ho) to it. Instead, everything is on a surface (ho ho) level of complexity. I expect the idea was to make it accessible to everyone. Instead, it just sinks any interest (ho ho) quicker than a torpedo up a porthole.

Worse, though the graphics have been made shipshape (ho ho), the interface is more cumbersome than ever and you spend more time fighting against the controls than the enemy.

On the plus side, there's a voice command system that lets you shout "Dive! Dive! Dive!" at your screen, there are a lot of ships to choose from and you can play online against thousands of others. At least you could, except that feature hasn't been implemented due to some legal action in the US. Not that it would have helped much anyway. Enigma is a leaky vessel at best (ho ho). I'll stop now.

The verdict

Silent Munter

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