Midway Arcade Treasures 3

Go! Go! Retro! On your Xbox! Or, erm, maybe not

The third instalment in Midway's retroclassics line concentrates solely on destroying any happy memories you may have had for driving games of yesteryear. If you don't like racing games there's absolutely nothing here to interest you. There's not much on offer even if you do like them. It's almost as if Midway has run out of retro games to repackage, apart from some crappy old driving titles it found in the back of a filing cabinet that weren't good enough to make the first two Treasures titles.

Apparently Midway used to rock the driving genre like no one else, but looking through the Xbox back catalogue, you'd never have guessed. Sure, LA Rush is making a blingtacular comeback, but is it too little too late with Need For Speed, Juiced and all the other urban racers on the circuit?


Let's look at each game on offer, and laugh at them in turn. Badlands; the clue's in the title - it's a bit like Super Sprint if your mind casts that far back. Good for about two laps but then goes south quickly. Hydro Thunder; we remember this! It was on PlayStation and N64! Hardly retro gaming, is it? This is probably the most solid game on offer, but marvel at the flaws and dodgy collision detection. How on Earth did it get past the QA department? Did they even have QA departments back then? Off Road Thunder: Mud, Sweat 'n' Gears; very basic racer that allows you to go anywhere, as long as it's off-road. Fun for about three minutes. Race Drivin' is the sequel to the aptly titled

Hard Drivin' from Arcade Treasures 2. It's even harder than the original. It's rubbish too. Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition isn't nearly as good as San Francisco Rush 2049, and not worth shelling out actual hard-earned money for. S.T.U.N. Runner may well have been the inspiration for Sony's WipEout - it's got that futuristic banging-techno thing going on - but once it starts moving you have to pause the, er, action to laugh, it's that bad.

Then there's Super Off Road, which comes with the added Bonus Tracks Pack, meaning there are even more tracks than should really be allowed. Dan refused to believe it was as bad as the rest, so he picked it up and played it for about a minute before turning it off and going back to work! Buy this for your kids and they'll actually want to do their homework instead...

The verdict

Not worth the polycarbonate plastic coated with a thin layer of aluminium and lacquer the DVD's made of.

Racing / Driving