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Have gun, will travel. On a horse. Ranging across the Wild West

There's A feature in Gun that we've fallen in love with. It's called the Quick Draw mode, a skill that becomes available if you pull off enough combos or cool kills. Everything goes slo-mo, letting you take out enemies by shooting at different body parts and watch them dance around like a monkeyboy, a bit like the targeting system in Red Dead Revolver. You can even shoot the guns out of their hands, Lee Van Cleef-style, in slo-mo. Sometimes you can take a bit of hand with it too, leaving your enemy flapping wet red stumps about in the air. Hilarious!

And if you reckon that's hardcore, try the headshots. You get to see the bullet enter the head, then explode out the back like an organic firework a split-second later in a gory shower of grey and pink brain matter, blood, and bits of skull. Yup - Gun is one of the most heart-stoppingly violent pieces of gaming we've seen in ages. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll get slapped with an 18-Cert.


It's not just yeller varmints and thieving bandits you can do this to, either. You can bring down enemy horses mid-gallop, buffalo, bears, coyotes, even humble town pooches minding their own business. But it's not all about unnecessary GTAstyle violence. Buffalo hunting gives you extra energy, coyotes will try to attack your horse, and angry bears are a life-threatening force to be reckoned with. This is, after all, Neversoft's attempt at nailing what life on the frontier was really like. You won't find any Mel Brooks gags or Milky Bar kids. Life is nasty, brutal and short in this wild west.

You'll be able to roam the vast plains of the frontier between missions, hunting, panning for gold, or interacting with mysterious Native Americans, who might even teach you about your destiny, and all that jazz. Alternatively, you can kick back and play poker in a saloon, get jiggy with the dirty floozies, or just start a massive fight - either way, it all goes towards making your name as either a dangerous outlaw or a feared peacemaker.

You can travel huge distances on horseback too, exploring new towns and making friends (or enemies). The attention to detail is impressive too, with the horse rearing up from danger, kicking out when attacked, or getting wild-eyed and panicked when you steer it too close to a cliff edge. Add great death animations, cool mounted cannons, and Gun is getting more impressive by the moment. More soon...