F.E.A.R. strikes in new 'melee' footage

Melee: confused crowd of scuffle. Or. Melee: kicking someone's teeth in with a VERY LARGE BOOT TO THE CHOPS

F.E.A.R. is so close we can almost taste the cold sweat. Monolith's horror FPS releases on October 18 and in the run-up we'll be forking out on a few extra pairs of underpants in preparation. But meanwhile the game's publisher, Vivendi, has released a fresh slice of footage from the game that focuses predominantly on melee combat - which involves performing flying kicks and sticking a rock-hard boot heel in an enemy's stupid face.

Anyway, you can grab the footage from the download link below and enjoy just under a minute of melee-tastic, slow-mo spectacular action. Keep 'em peeled for a full-on F.E.A.R. review appearing on these pages soon.

F.E.A.R. 'melee' movie
Download here (7.74Mb, WMV)