Civ like you're winning!

Firaxis spills the beans on beating Civilisation IV into a quivering stump and we've got new screens to boot!

As the release of Civilisation IV grows so near we can almost lick it, Firaxis lays down details on becoming king of the strategy hill - revealing the different ways you can thrash the game into a oblivion.

This time around, there are six possible ways to claim the Civ crown: Time Victory, Conquest Victory, Domination Victory, the classic Space Race Victory and the all new Diplomatic Victory - and let's be honest, if you can't manage at least one of them, then you're clearly rubbish. Anyway, once you've read the stuff below, why not check out the new screens on this page, culled from the various winning movies in the game.

Space Race Victory

Time Victory - achieved by the player who can do whatever it takes throughout all of human history to defeat enemies, expand their civs, win the hearts and minds of the people, and boasts the highest score at the end of the game, in 2050 AD.

Conquest Victory - achieved by the player who successfully eliminates all of their rivals, including some of the most famous leaders throughout history.

Domination Victory - awarded when a player uses military might and cunning negotiation tactics to conquer a certain percentage of the world's population and global land mass.

Cultural Victory - awarded when a player has developed a culture so powerful that three of their cities have achieved legendary culture status.

Space Race Victory - achieved when a player is the first to complete all of the components necessary to send colonists off into space to found a new colony on Alpha Centauri.

Diplomatic Victory - awarded to the diplomatically gifted player who, at the end of the game, is elected to become the Secretary General of the United Nations.