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Dead Rising movie gives us the tremors

We pointed a wobbly camera at some screen or other at X05 and look what came out the other end!

Over at X05 this month, our intrepid man on the frontline managed to conceal a camera about his person and catch a whole bunch of video for some of the Xbox 360's top forthcoming games. Unfortunately, one of Microsoft's henchmen got wind of the whole thing and we haven't seen or heard a peep from him since. Our money's on him being kept prisoner in some dingy Japanese dive (that's near Amsterdam, right?) giving sour-faced businessmen "special extras" with their drinks until he promises to say sorry.

Meanwhile, safe at the top of CVG Towers, we'll be running through some of the best wobble-tastic gameplay footage we managed to secure, all in the name of i) making you drool a little bit from the side of your mouth and ii) giving you a hideous migraine.

First up, we've got a nice lengthy bit of goodness from Capcom's George Romero-inspired zombie actioner, Dead Rising. As you'll see if you check out the link below, the sheer amount of detail in the mall enviroments is already looking pretty spiffy and the ton of zombies on screen at one time should be enough to give even Bruce Campbell a tiny moist patch on the front of his pants. We especially like the proper mauling the game protagonist gets when he inadvertently plonks down slap bang in the middle of the undead.

Check out the movie - if nothing else, it'll really make you want an HDTV. Dribble.

Dead Rising movie
Download here (13.6Mb, WMV)