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ICO developer talks next-gen

Shadow of Colossus and ICO developer looks ahead to next-gen and handheld adventuring

While we wait impatiently for ICO's spiritual successor Shadow of the Colossus to drift to these shores sometime next year (simultaneously trying to ignore the smug gloating of US gamers who've already got the damn thing shoved into their PS2s if they know what's good for them), Shadow's director Fumito Ueda has revealed that the team behind the game has already set its sights on PS3 and PSP development.

Speaking to Japanese mag Dengeki PlayStation, Ueda stated that "If we were to make our next game, it would, naturally, be on the PS3." However, fans of the ICO team's hugely revered endeavours might have a while to wait as Ueda's apparently still waiting for that crucial flash of inspiration to strike. While he's got a couple of nifty ideas in the bag, nothing's so far come along that's made him think "I definitely have to turn this into a game".

Asked whether he thought the team's current three year development cycle was too long, Ueda agreed, stating that he hoped to bring projects to a gripping climax sooner in the future. However, the complications of developing for a next-gen platform means that he doesn't have too much hope of dashing one off the wrist anytime soon.

It looks like development for the PSP is looking a bit more fruitful though. Ueda stated that his team's been itching to work on the fat-faced handheld for some time now. But while the developer's become known for its ultra-realistic graphical style, Ueda hopes to try something a little different for his PSP jaunt, suggesting that utilising the popular Japanese 'Super Deformed' style of big-headed, small-bodied protagonists could yield some interesting results. Unfortunately, Ueda didn't provide confirmation on whether this means the team's actually going to be working on the PSP or not as yet. Boo.

Of course, we'll be all over Ueda's next project like an unruly puppy on a fleecy legging. Until it's announced though, we'll just twiddle our fingers in anticipation of Shadow of Colossus' PS2 Euro release early next year.