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Xbox Euro GTA triple-whammy dated

Grand Theft Auto triple pack featuring GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas gets a European release date, yo!

After a spot of bin raiding (not to be confused with the Al Qaeda fugitive) churned out a suprise GTA Xbox triple pack announcement a while back, Rockstar has finally announced that us lovable European rogues will be getting our own slice of the pie on November 4, just in time for bonfire night.

The jumbo treat is set to feature all three of the current-gen Grand Theft Auto offerings, so that's GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, should you have slipped into some kind of peaceful state of controversy-deprived bliss at any point during the last four years (incidentally, next Wednesday marks the four year birthday of the seminal GTA 3 to the day).

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is set to retail at 49.99 GBP in the UK, which is frankly a bargain for the four of you out there who don't already have them all rammed into your collection. No news yet whether Rockstar plans to chuck in any extras to tempt existing fans into splashing out for the box, but we'll let you know if anything swings down the grapevine like a huge monkey-shaped freebie announcement.