Thrilling CoD 2 'launch' trailer impresses

As the WWII FPS sequel prepares to invade, Activision unleashes a movie that's got us sweating battle lust

Admittedly it helps that we adored Call of Duty and have been furiously polishing helmets in anticipation of the sequel, but we have to say that the Call of Duty 2 'launch' trailer that's just marched out of Activision headquarters has to be one of the most thrilling of its type we've ever seen - epic battle scenes, a stirring score; oh my! So hats - and indeed our polished helmets - off to the publisher for taking our battle lust to the nth degree. Join in the excitement by downloading the highly recommended trailer below.

Call of Duty 2 is blasting onto PC and Xbox 360, with the former version hitting UK beaches on November 4 and the next-gen version kitted out and ready for Xbox 360 launch day. We can't wait to get our hands on this one. Once you've assaulted your eyeballs with the trailer, plenty of info on the sequel can be located in our archives here and here.

Call of Duty 2 'launch' trailer
Download here (25.7Mb, WMV)