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Electroplankton: Here, fishy fishy fishy...

Electroplankton floats onto US shelves in the New Year but us Europeans still swimming down stream

We've known for a while that Nintendo plans to bring its glorious musical fish curio Electroplankton over to Western shores, but until now any indications of an exact release date have been frustratingly absent.

Yesterday though, Nintendo quietly let slip that our US brethren can expect all their musical fish fantasies to be fulfilled come January 6 on their official website. The date has since been removed from the online release schedule but IGN are reporting that Nintendo sources have confirmed it's all true.

So where does that leave us Europeans? Well, obviously with an English language version now available (Nintendo's translators must have been sweating over Electroplankton's eighteen-odd words of Japanese) a release over here is undoubtedly that much closer. However, a chat with a Nintendo representative reveals that the title's still not featured on the company's European release schedules for the foreseeable future so, er, boo.

For the time being, we'll just have to take Jim Merrick's word for it that we'll be singing with the fishes some time soon.