BloodRayne sinks teeth into Infected

It's vamp love-up time for Majesco's PSP horror shooter as BloodRayne is confirmed as an unlockable character

We here at CVG Towers have a bit of a soft spot for zombies and we've been quietly following progress of Majesco's Infected, a PSP shooter that sticks you in the boots of a lone cop blasting undead that are rampaging through New York City. Well actually it turns out you'll get to run amok in vamp boots too as Majesco has recently announced that BloodRayne features in the game in unlockable character form.

Precisely how you'll unlock BloodRayne has yet to emerge but once you've whipped off the handcuffs you'll be able to play the character in single-player missions and obliterate the zombies in NYC and play it in wi-fi multiplayer too. Achieve victory in multiplayer in Infected and you spread 'infection' to other players. Sounds nasty, but we're sure it's not PSP- or life-threatening.