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Win a Pro Evo Soccer 5 Piggyback Guide!

Five copies of Piggyback's official PES 5 strategy guide up for grabs inside

Are you rubbish at Pro Evo Soccer? Do you constantly find yourself making excuses whenever your mate challenges you to a quick knock-about when you're round his house? Are you tired of spending all evening in the bathroom, pretending you've got a sudden, serious case of explosive diarrhoea just so you won't have to reveal the horrible truth of your cack-handed PES skills?

Perhaps you're a half way decent player who wants to step up into the big leagues, or maybe you're a true PES Guru who just needs a slight nudge and some insider info to become an all-time PES legend?

Well! Have no fear! We've teamed up with Piggyback - expert makers of strategy guides so blisteringly detailed and beautifully designed that we'd happily leave them on our coffee tables at home to impress visitors with our obvious appreciation for art - to give away five copies of its gorgeous brand new Pro Evolution Soccer 5 guide.


The hefty 222-page tome is the only guide to be produced in direct collaboration with the game's producers and comes crammed with literally everything you could possibly ever need or want to know about PES 5, including detailed info on all the play modes, secret moves, team and player data, leagues and cups, team management, formations and a list of other stuff so long our fingers would literally be bloody stumps if we typed them all out.

Piggyback's complete 222-page official guide - covering PS2, Xbox and PC versions - will set you back a mere 10.99 GBP and is availabe from all videogame retail outlets now. If you want to check out the guide, you can ogle over Piggyback's free sample pages over at

To be in with a chance of winning one of five copies of the book, just answer the simple question below. As always, good luck!