PC gets Hyper for Dynasty Warriors 4

Koei's hack-'em-up series comes to PC with twice the number of on-screen enemies baying for blood - screens inside!

Koei has announced that its sword-swizzling historical hack-'em-up Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper is coming to the PC this winter. Actually, Koei announced it yesterday, but we've got some lovely new shots to go with the news now, and we know how much you all like pictures. Especially nudey pictures.

You'll find the shots (sadly with ne'er a nipple in sight) dotted precariously around this page. You might try looking over THERE or down THERE. In the meantime, here's some other information about the game which you can read while your mouse follows the slow, deliberate trail to wherever it needs to go for the pictures.


PC owners will no doubt be waving their huge, inflated technical willies at under-endowed PS2 owners as Koei drops the news that the 'Hyper' unceremoniously tossed at the end of the title is there to represent all the extra stuff the platform will be getting in the form of twice the number of enemies on screen at once, improved enemy AI, double the draw distance, anti-aliasing, texture filtering and dynamic shadows. Obviously all the PS2 original's gameplay gubbins will be in there too.

Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper is set to penetrate PC hard drives from December 9 in Europe. And, frankly, who cares about anywhere else?