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Gooaalll! It's football frenzy time!

PES 5 reviews, impressions and interviews, Football Manager 2006 interview, win FM 06 and a laptop plus loads more!

Here at CVG Towers we've designated today Football Friday. Not only does Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 5 on PS2 and Xbox emerge from the dressing room this very day (PC version out next Friday) but Sega and Sports Interactive are whipping wannabe managers into frothy-mouthed delight with the debut of Football Manger 2006. Scarves are being waved, rattles, erm, rattled, referees verbally abused and we're celebrating today's sporting frenzy in style.

First up, Pro Evolution Soccer 5, to which we've dedicated some serious play time over the last few days and weeks here in the office and have coerced our brothers in arms (by the absolutely ludicrous promise of a free beer) to spill impressions, thoughts, opinions and tips on the game (and yes, some staffers have joined in) which appear in our highly personal feature Our office's finest freak on PES 5. We also have a review of the PC version of PES 5 and a review of the PS2 version of PES 5 for your consumption (Xbox review coming soon) and we're also giving away copies of Piggyback's PES 5 strategy guide!


Plus, we have a highly enlightening interview with Pro Evolution Soccer producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka in which he discusses PES 5, PES on PSP, PES next-gen and more and also word from Pro Evolution Soccer Management producer Akiyoshi 'Greyhound' Chosokabe. You can gorge yourself on these delights right here.

Next, Football Manager 2006. We've tracked down Sports Interactive's managing director Miles Jacobson for a one-on-one talk about the football management series and chatted with him about the game, the franchise, SI's plans to bring it to PSP and also what the next-generation consoles mean for Football Manager. You can read that right here but hold on before you hit that link because we need to let you know of a couple of other FM 2006 goodies we've got for you. One is a 'Reality Check' feature provided by our colleagues on PC Zone Magazine which tests the game against the real deal and the second is a saucy, oh so saucy, competition.

We've teamed up with Football Manager 2006 publisher Sega to give our readers the chance of winning a hot-to-trot laptop and a copy of FM 2006 to play on it! We also have copies of the game to give away to runners-up and with such prizes up for grabs there's really no excuse not to have a pop at this one. For full details on the competition and to enter, visit the Competition section of the website here.

Right, we're off for some half-time oranges. Have fun!