Go shopping, meet Miyamoto's dog!

Go to Woolies with a Nintendogged DS and meet Pip, listen to Miyamoto and get a special in-game gift for your pup

While our New York buddies recently had the opportunity to meet Nintendo's game supremo Shigeru Miyamoto at the Nintendo World Store, we get to go one better here in the UK with the news that visitors to the undoubtedly glamorous Woolworths at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock will have the chance to meet Miyamoto's... Nintendog!

The pixellated pup Pip will be accessible to visitors who bring along their Nintendo DS with a copy of Nintendogs tucked inside and set to Bark Mode between October 24 and 29. As well as getting the change to pet Miyamoto's very own pooch, you'll recieve a special voice message from the great man himself and a "unique gift" for your Nintendog. Our money's on worm powder.

That is the end of the story and as such there's not really much need for this concluding paragraph. Oh well!