Freak on F.E.A.R.!

How get to get the most out of Vivendi's classy horror shocker

I'm not going to spoil anything about her with the darkened eyes and the dingy red dress, nor am I going to say anything that should have 'SPOILER' daubed in red above every single word. What I will tell you, however, is how to eke the most enjoyment out of Monolith's classy shooter. The only thing to add to the list below is never, ever underestimate the power of your pistols. Oh, and don't forget to use the slo-mo - otherwise you'll be buggered.

1) F.I.S.T.S. Of F.U.R.Y.
There's nothing more satisfying than clearing a room without the use of boom-sticks, and F.E.A.R.'s melee moves are certainly a cut above the rest - especially when in slo-mo. Unless you're really dim you'll have realised that you've got your super chop-socky leaping kick, and you'll probably be aware that there's a sliding tackle move that you can use by crouching and right-clicking. It's easy to miss the fact, however, that by jumping on the spot and using your alternate fi re button without jabbing in any particular direction will see you perform a neat round-house kick. It's even easier to miss the fact that holstering your weapons (default: H) will bring out your dukes, and allow you to batter leather-clad goons in the traditional way.


2) Jar Jar Mapes
We hate him, hate him lots. But if you were wondering exactly what the initials RTFM emblazoned on his belt buckle mean then you've come to the right place. It stands for 'Read The F***ing Manual' - something Mapes would be accustomed to saying seeing as he works in computer support and is a phenomenal twat. Of course, Monolith probably isn't immune to having the same reaction when idiots call up with enquiries about guns that don't work and computers that don't turn on.

3) Things Fall Apart
It's tricky to predict exactly how dismemberment works in F.E.A.R. - there are a
lot of random factors involved and as such, the more spectacular limb-tosses are pretty spaced out. That said, the shotgun is the easiest and most effective way of tearing fl esh asunder, while slightly mis-aimed shots from the battlecannon can also have a similar effect - if you can avoid your enemy simply disappearing into a shower of red mist, that is.

4) Turrets Syndrome
These turrets are bastards. Absolute shits. Obviously slo-mo is your friend here, but the
neatest and most effective way of taking them out is with the grenades strapped around
your waist. It can be quite tricky to hit them dead on with an explosive though, so my trick is to equip your shotgun and jam on your heightened refl exes - shoot the grenade as it gracefully arcs beneath the automated guns and it'll be fi t for the scrap heap in no time.


5) Know Your Enemies
Every squad will have a leader, and even though they're quite hard to distinguish from their minions they'll be the one's doing most of the talking - ordering some to hold position, telling others to wait, regroup or attack. Knock him out and the fi ghting unit will become weaker. You'll know that you're getting through the numbers when soldiers run off shouting for reinforcements, although be aware that they sometimes don't run all that far.

6) Stuck On You
Don't ignore the beauty of sticky remote detonation mines. Using them does jar with the pace of the game somewhat, but there's nothing more satisfying than a game of chaseychasey back through a level, leading an ignorant mass of snarling black leather underneath a groaning arch of explosives you placed earlier. Remember, they stick to anything - so be as creative as you like.

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