From Russia with Love fires shot salvo

Exclusive screens from the iconic British super spy's back-to-basics outing

"Bond... James Bond" not a phrase you'd be too happy to bandy about in the context of EA's last few Bond games (Everything or Nothing forgiving), but all that may be about to change with the advent of From Russia With Love, the newest Bond outing featuring good old ...Shurr Shean himshelf.

It signals a welcome return to Connery's classic iconic sixties' Bond outings, when the man on Her Majesties' Secret Service was a total and complete bastard and drank, smoked and shagged his way across the world, defeating a series of sixties' super villains, so successfully parodied later by Mike Myers' nefarious Doctor Evil.


We certainly hope FRWL lives up to the billing and from what we've seen there's some interesting third person action and driving sequences to enjoy (gotta love that DB5), with a splendid or should that be shplendid voiceover from Sir Sean himself. Marvelloush.

Bond drops into action on Nov 11th, but in the meantime, enjoy Pussy Galore with this fine selection of new screens.