Sony say PS3 'not 100% backwards compatible'

Sony provoke media frenzy by confirming PS3 may not be 100 percent backwards compatible - but we knew that already

It's not all sunshine and roses for Sony at the moment, with profit falls due to PS3 development costs, gameplay problems with their new slimline silver PS2 and the recent plan to restructure the company and shed 10000 jobs world wide in the process.

Adding to their woes this morning are comments from a Sony spokeswoman which confirm that the PS3 will face the same backwards compatibility issues as its Microsoft next-gen counterpart.

Speaking to the IDG news service in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment spokeswoman Reiko Sakamoto said: "It's hard to say the PlayStation 3 will be 100 percent backwards compatible but as we said earlier this year we aim to make it so as much as possible."

While this appears to have provoked a frenzy of excitement across other media, it's caused barely a ripple here at CVG towers. Why? Well as Sakamoto says, it's something Sony has stated all along and parallels exactly with the experience of PSone and PS2 as not all PSone games were playable on your PS2 right from the off.

While we think it will be a nice feature to be able to play your old current gen games, surely most next-gen gamers want to be taken to the next level in gaming, not just revisiting slightly souped up or better looking versions of titles they've already played?

Sony's stance is exactly the same as Microsoft have taken with the Xbox 360, major titles playable as soon as possible and trying and make some of the rest available as they can. Of course, it contrasts starkly with Nintendo's strategy which is to make all their past games available and 100 percent backwards compatible on Revolution, but it should hardly provoke such a sudden media frenzy.

Both Sony and Microsoft in broad agreement on the backwards compatibility issue. Now that is news.