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MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots

Part four of Kojima's uber-franchise is quickly overtaking Killzone 2 as the PS3's most wanted

Metal Gear Solid 4 has now officially overtaken Killzone as our most wanted PlayStation3 game, as amazing new screens and gameplay details emerged from this month's Tokyo Game Show.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is set many years after the events on Big Shell in MGS2: Sons of Liberty, with a much older Snake now sporting a grey mullet and upper lip fuzz.

Snake's radical new look was revealed in the new nine-minute MGS4 trailer shown by creator Hideo Kojima at the Japanese event. "An old man exhausted of battle" states one caption, and it's difficult to argue as Snake doubles over in a coughing fit and is forced to inject a drug into his neck to make it stop. A new gameplay mechanic, no doubt, with the drug likely to be in short supply and Snake in desperate need of it.


Snake's new gadget is also in evidence - an electronic eye patch dubbed the 'Solid Eye System'. As Snake hides in a deserted building from a convoy of soldiers and tanks, the perspective changes to the 'SES' tactical display, which analyses their weapons and threat level.

The biggest surprise, however, is the unexpected appearance of Otacon. Or, rather, Otacon's face on the display of a little mech (inset) that approaches Snake. The mech dispenses ammo clips to him and is likely to help out throughout the game.

Kojima was keen to stress that MGS4 was running on PlayStation3 entirely in real-time with no rendered footage whatsoever. Put simply, it looks amazing. The washed-out colours, heat haze and swirling dust clouds lend the new battlefield scenario a real air of authenticity. The mech's movements are brilliantly animated, as is the glimpse of a new Metal Gear-style weapon on two legs that uses infrared vision to try to locate the battle weary Snake.

Any doubts about the power of PlayStation3 can be quickly cast aside now. Witness it for yourself on the cover of next month's PSW DVD.