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THQ Xbox 360 games kicked to the 'six

MotoGP 2006: Ultimate Racing Technology, Saint's Row and The Outfit all set to enjoy a damn good new year

Hot on the hottest of hot news that Elder Scrolls IV has trundled off into next year thanks to quality reasons, THQ has confirmed that its big three Xbox 360 games MotoGP 2006: Ultimate Racing Technology, Saint's Row and The Outfit are now officially set for release around that curious "launch window" that Microsoft is so fond of opening widely, leaning out onto the street and bellowing "Some games in here!" from.

During a conference call to investors earlier this week the company revealed the news, although it's unclear whether choruses of trumpetting angels were present or otherwise. For those not in the know, MotoGP features some bikes, while Saint's Row is a Volition developed GTA-style gangster action title and the really-quite-good The Outfit is a World War II obliterathon which some of us in the office, who may or may not be typing right now, went to Vancouver to see this weekend. Jet lag, bleh. Expect more on that later today.

MotoGP 2006: Ultimate Racing Technology is currently scheduled for release some time between April and June 2006 while Saint's Row and The Outfit will come screaming out of the stalls between January and March next year.