Sensible Soccer kicks off again

It's the return of the footy classic - should PES and FIFA be worried?

Ah the golden years of football! Being long-standing and indeed veritably ancient footy watchers, we can remember the halcyon days when your major gaming decision wasn't PES versus FIFA, but rather Kick Off versus Sensible Soccer.

Yup, say the words Sensible Soccer to gamers of a certain age and you can stand back and watch the glassy look overtake their eyes as they reminisce of floppy drives, virtual jumpers for virtual goal posts and a heap of broken joysticks sacrificed on the Sensi Soccer altar.

Well after a brief foray onto mobile phones, Codemasters has just announced Sensible Soccer is to make a welcome return next year to celebrate its 15th anniversary with new editions flagged for PC, PS2 and Xbox.


"Following the success of Sensible Soccer's recent mobile edition and the fantastic retro Plug 'n' Play TV version of the game, it's great to bring a truly new version out for the first time in over eight years on all of the major formats," said original series creator Jon Hare.

"We are doing everything in our power to modernise and recreate the sheer playability, fun and footballing depth of the original and remind the playing public just what they have been missing out in the current market of slow, drab sims."

As you'll see from these first shots, Sensible Soccer will boast a slightly re-jigged new visual style featuring cel-shaded players, but it'll also retain the top down view which made the series such a playable classic. Four player multiplayer, 50 footy competitions, 100 unlocks and upgrades, plus a custom career mode should make this an absolute belter.

Looks like Pro Evo and FIFA will have to look to their laurels in Q2 next year, as by then we predict this boy will have done good.