Konami's Beautiful (Flash) Game

Test your footie mettle as Konami launches its Pro Evolution Soccer 5 online football quiz

Think you know your Collymores from your cauliflowers? Your goal posts from your gonads? Well, step up footie fans, as Konami launches its Going For Goal Pro Evo 5 web quiz, on the internet and everything.

It's all a bit baffling for some of us here at the office with absolutely no interest in football whatsoever, but we've been assured the whole thing's a veritable laugh riot.

You can either play solo or compete with a friend (which in our delirious jetlagged state sounds like something that requires a soggy biscuit) to prove your worth as the ultimate football fount of all knowledge and be in with the chance of winning a bunch of Konami games amongst other gleaming gems of free stuff.

That's free stuff. You like free stuff! Go play!