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Amped 3 in new screen avalanche

Take-Two's mighty fine looking snowboarding dude prepares to steal the hill from SSX

We love snowboarding here at CVG and fondly remember the first two Ampeds, good looking if quite hardcore boarding bunnies which put the emphasis on both fun and realism and allowed you to develop an entire career from lowly snowboard board bum to pro level uber boarding deity.

Quite how Microsoft let it slip out of its gloved fingers, we have no idea, but a big hurrah for 2K Sports which has picked up the title, run with it, and looks like producing an absolute belting Xbox 360 title in Amped 3, if these latest screens are anything to go by.

Sure we still love SSX especially the new PSP version which we're caning like demons as we scent the first hints of this winter's snow, despite its inclusion of highly suspect skiing. However with Amped 3 concentrating on more realistic tricks and boarding skills, we can enjoy the absolute best of both worlds and of course the power of the 360 means it'll look as crisp as fresh powder.


Feast your eyes on this fine selection of latest images and dream of the boarding delights to come when Amped 3 straps on its 360 plank this December.