Mario Kart DS bundle hits the tarmac

On the 25th November 100 GBP buys you a bog-standard Nintendo DS with Nintendo's latest racer

Those of you deprived of Nintendo's dual-screended wonder system can breathe easy, because later this month we're all going to be spoiled with an all new system bundle.

The Mario Kart DS Pak will hit stores on November 25th, holding inside a copy of Mario's latest karting adventure, Mario Kart DS, along with a standard but sexy silver Nintendo DS. All of these can be yours for the fine price of 100 English pounds.

Whilst we are enraged at the omission of the US bundle's ravishing 'hotrod red' DS, our urge to get online and start thumping people with shells is far too great to dwell on here.

Mario Kart DS, along with the aformentioned bundle hits stores on November 25, along with Nintendo's Wi-Fi USB Connector. See you on the track.