PS3 to shun Live-style online platform

PS2 online strategy kept in place by Sony for its next-generation surge, say reports

Sony won't be following in Microsoft's Live footsteps and producing a dedicated online service for PS3, according to a report appearing in Official PlayStation Magazine.

There have been rumblings previously that such a direction would be taken with PS3 online but it's nevertheless a surprising move by the Japanese giant. Xbox Live has proved highly successful for Microsoft and Nintendo is launching a similar service in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

However, Sony is sticking with its online strategy employed for PS2 and leaving online system set-up in the hands of publishers. Apparently, the company is happy with the freedom such a system affords both game developers and publishers and sees no reason to change.

Is relinquishing the control of the online gaming experience on PS3 the way to go or would we all be happier to be presented with a regulated service? As ever, our forums are open below for discussion.