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Star Wars Battlefront II - IGNORE. GAME ALREADY OUT

We know PES5 is coming out on PSP. We also know about GTA: Liberty City stories. If we only needed one more classy title to slide into PSP's welcoming jaws, it'd be a quality Star Wars title. And as if by magic, Battlefront II appears, bringing its Forcesaturated goodness to PSP at the same time as it hits PS2.

Just about everything promised for its bigger brother will be crammed into the portable version, with a welcome emphasis on quickfire gameplay. The mini-campaign consists of 12 maps - each a movie location - with the goal being to conquer them one by one. The missions are broken down into three groups of four, which you tackle as a Rebel trooper (rescuing hapless comrades), an Imperial soldier (wiping out Gungans, Jawas and, praise be, Ewoks) and a Rogue assassin (killing top-brass for cold cash like a ruthless bounty hunter).


Graphically, the game punches above its weight, Yoda-style - it's only a little rougher round the edges than the immobile version, and with smaller campaigns there shouldn't be any slowdown issues. And if nothing else, the opportunity to slaughter hordes of Ewoks should be reason enough for Star Wars fans and non- Star Wars fans alike to be very excited about Battlefront II.

The verdict

After PES5 and GTA, there's nothing we want more than Star Wars on PSP.