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Twice as n-Ico

Sony's beguiling and under-appreciated classic gets a re-release in time for Shadow of the Colossus

If you've never played Ico you deserve a slap - and possibly a short sharp shoe to the groin. Released in 2002, the sumptuous fore-runner to Shadow of Colossus sold a pitiful number of copies in the UK, despite heaps of critical acclaim, sending its current eBay asking price to astronomical levels.

However, Sony has announced that the title is set for re-release on PS2 alongside Shadow of Colossus next year, meaning that all of you who missed out last time have absolutely no excuse to not pick it up this coming February.

What's more, we've been told that you won't be expected to hand over a full wallet of cash for the game as it's apparently going to hit shelves with a significantly lower price tag than your usual new releases. Whether we can expect some juicy Ico/Shadow of the Colossus bundles remains to be seen, but rest assured, we'll be pimping both titles till our eyes bulge out between now and February.

We know a big angry man who hates to see good games go neglected against titles like Generic Football Tat 2006, and he's more than happy to pop round with a few choice words and a pointy stick if Ico and Shadow don't rocket up the charts on release. You have been warned.