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Kong goes ape on PSP

King Kong squeezes into Sony's handheld and we've got the screenshots to prove it

Well, all we can say is, thank goodness we picked up a bunch of bananas from the local market on the way into the office this morning because, lured by the wafts of fruity promise, a trio of screenshots from the PSP version of Ubisoft's King Kong game have swung in. The great ape himself only actually appears in one of the images but he does manage to look very cute and cuddly rather than a rampaging beast intent on biting peoples' heads off. Aww, bless.

Ubisoft's King Kong videogame is of course based on Peter Jackson's forthcoming remake of the classic movie and allows you to 'be Kong' as well as run screaming from all manner of nasties as poor human saps. The PSP title releases on December 9 alongside the DS version and PC, Xbox, PS2, GameCube and GBA versions are out November 17. Enjoy the screens.