Sony to ditch region encoding for PS3

Well that's the latest official word from down under, but it signals a big shift for Sony in the home console market

It looks like Sony may ditch region encoding for games on the PS3 if the latest word coming from down under is true and we've no reason to doubt it is, since Sony's Managing Director of Computer Entertainment Australia is the man spreading global games love.

Speaking to Australian IT, Sony's Michael Ephraim said the Japanese giant would probably throw the existing policy out of the door because of the merging of international TV standards. "If you look at the fact that it will support high-definition TV, which will be a global standard, there's a good likelihood that it will be global region, as for example we've done with the PSP," said Ephraim.

Sony has tussled with makers of mod chips before, which allow users to play games from any region on the PS2 and PSOne, but this new policy would signal a fairly big shift for the corporation in the next genration.

However it's a very welcome one we say, as it already works a treat on PSP and means that impulsive holiday purchases in the US will be fine on PS3 when we bring em back to good ol' Blighty.

Hurrah for globalisation we say.