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Championship Manager returns for 2006

Eidos announces latest instalment in the football management series which, as you'd expect, comes with new features

Championship Manager 2006 to release in spring 2006 on PC is the word from Eidos on the next instalment in the long-running football management series.

CM '06 is being developed by Beautiful Game Studios and new features include a new Gameplan 3D match engine that, as well as allowing you to watch a match unfold - in 3D! - is so darn clever you can adjust tactics, player positions or formations during games too.

What else. Oh yes, you'll be able to shout or praise your players in a new interaction feature as well as monitor the mood and form of every player in your squad; a new 'Simulate world' option takes scouting to the nth degree revealing reams of authentic player performance stats, there's fitness regimes - devised by Mervyn Day, first team coach at Charlton Athletic - for players and there's opposition study via parallel match processing where you can watch an upcoming opponent's previous games on the 3D match engine to help you out with formulating strategies.

And then there's additionally talk from Eidos about choosing "a wealthy club benefactor for an instant cash injection, but with more money comes more demands and a greater need for immediate success" - sounds a bit Chelski to us, but if that's the way you want to go.

And that's pretty much all that's been said about Championship Manager 2006 so far. Whether or not it's going to be good enough to give Sega's Football Manager games a good drubbing well, we'll just have to wait and see.