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Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble gets a look in

New screens from Viewtiful Joe's impressive DS outing kick out in slo-mo splendour, or something

As a testament to how gob-smackingly rubbish we are at games sometimes, we frequently point a shaky finger in the direction of Capcom's Viewtiful Joe - a game so blisteringly difficult in our eyes that we only got as far as the third level before collapsing to the floor in a sobbing pile of defeat. On the plus side, it looked fantastic, especially through the glistening trickle of our tears.

In fact, the GameCube (and PS2) Viewtiful Joe games had such a refreshingly unique graphical style, we were pretty skeptical when we heard the little fella was making the transition to Nintendo's DS handheld. Imagine our surprise then when we got to try Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (as it's known) at Nintendo's Christmas party earlier this year (don't ask), only to find the diminuitive system cranking out visuals happily comparable (minus general crispness) to its home console cousins.


Even more impressive was that fact that Capcom's managed to get full 3D working on both screens simultaneously, with the top screen featuring a constantly changing camera that highlights the important bits of the action.

We'd love to tell you how it played but, what with the beer and other general festivities, memory recall is a bit murky. Still, from our last dying remnants of memory from the evening, we remember thinking how astonishingly close to the GameCube game it felt. Even better, we didn't shatter the stylus in dumbfounded exasperation with the title's difficulty, so that's probably a good omen too.

Anyway, Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble is set for European release early next year and we're excited, if a little scared. While we await our copies, why not join us in admiring these brand new screenshots courtesy of the good folks at Capcom?