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Get up for new Contents Under Pressure pics

More new screens from the self-styled "Navigator of Youth Culture" and his fancy new world-saving graffiti game

A quick flash around the office just revealed that none of us here really have any idea who Marc Ecko actually is. From this we can surmise that we're clearly not "hip" or "street" or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days.

However, via the wonderous power of the internet we've discovered, literally in the last ten seconds, that Mr Ecko is in fact - according to his official website - a self-styled "Navigator of Youth Culture" who lists his occupations as follows: Fashion Designer, Brand Builder, Magazine Publisher, Video Game Director, Humanitarian, Visionary, and Mogul - so there you are.


Of course it's really only that Video Game Director bit we're interested in here (despite being obviously Visionary ourselves), and the game in question is Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. We're still not clear if that's supposed to indicate that Marc Ecko actually IS GETTING UP AS WE SPEAK, or something else.

Anyway, the game sees Marc Ecko (which, we've just discovered, is an anagram of Mark Ecco, scarily enough) magicking up a "a world where freedom of expression is suppressed and graffiti has been outlawed by a tyrannical city government" in which "players assume the role of Trane as they learn and master various graf skills as they journey from toy (beginner) to legend". It's okay though because you'll be using your "high-wire graffiti talents to expose the oppressive mayor and rid the city of his stranglehold". This stuff's so cool, our fingers just got frostbite and snapped clean off while we were typing.

Anyway, Marc Ecko will be getting it up early next year on PS2, PC and Xbox and we've got some pleasant-looking new screens for you to glance at. To be honest we should have mentioned that in the first paragraph. Oh well.