Jeff Morris on UT2007

Epic Games' Jeff Morris tells us why Unreal Tournament 2007 will ROCK SO HARD your teeth will probably fall out

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Will UT2007 have the trademark variety of maps - from gothic castles to techno spaceships?

Yeah, the diversity of looks is the real strength of UT. We revisit various themes and go nuts on some new ones, but the general idea is that we have concepts for regions - so our
robot factory Carbon Fire level is in a region that's part of a high-tech city.

So many great maps have come from the UT community. What if one of our readers made a really cool map?

At the very least we'd buy it- or if they're really talented, we'd give them a job. One of the real strengths of the engine and having the SDK (Software Development Kit) in the products is that you train all these guys up. We'll be giving away the UE3 mod-building and development tools with the launch of UT2007 again, and can't wait to see what the fans come up with...

Interview courtesy of our funny-looking friends at PC Zone, issue #162 of which is loitering provocatively on shelves now.

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