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Square births Children of Mana in February

The first entry in Square Enix's World of Mana series set to hit the DS in Japan early next year

We've been in a minor delirious frenzy ever since Square Enix unveiled its plans for the World of Mana RPG series at E3 this year. Although the company's still remaining tight-lipped about many of the titles that'll make up the franchise, we've known for a while that a DS game is in the works.

It seems that fans of the long-running Mana series won't have long to wait for it now either, with retail sources in Japan suggesting that Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana, as it's known, should be hitting shelves in February next year.

If you've not been following closely, development duties on the title are being handled by Next Entertainment and the game is looking more than a little bit sumptuous from the screens we've seen floating around the 'net.

Hopefully, given the Mana series' mighty pedigree (we still reckon the gorgeous SNES Secret of Mana is one of the best RPGs ever made), Square will treat its ever-growing Western fanbase to a swift English-language release.

So far nothing's been announced in terms of European plans but we'll break into your house and leave a note under your pillow just as soon as we have more.