Trackmania Sunrise extreme upgrade

400MB of bendy-tracked, eye-sexing joy, along with a new stunt race mode and track-building extras

If you are one of the intelligent ones who own Trackmania Sunrise, then developer Nadeo has a special treat for you.

It's the new and official expansion, featuring new tracks, a stunt game mode and a large number of "eXtreme" building blocks enabling you to create the most twist and turn-filled courses imaginable. And it's all free.

The hefty 400MB bundle of love won't work without the full retail copy of 'Sunrise, but we assure you the game is worth every one of your pennies, with great joy to be found in its simplistic play, mixed with utterly barking race tracks that look more like more Alton Towers than Brands Hatch.

Point your browsers in the direction of to pick up the expansion for yourselves.