War Front: Turning Point

Explore WWII as it might have been without Hitler in charge in Digital Reality's promising C&C-style RTS

If you're at all partial to a bit of manic, no-holds-barred Command & Conquer-style gameplay, you could soon be in for a treat, thanks to War Front: Turning Point, an ambitious WWII RTS from the makers of Desert Rats Vs. Afrika Korps.

Set in an alternate reality in which Hitler is assassinated early on in the war, War Front explores the events that may have transpired had the new German leaders pushed on with the war effort and pumped even more money into their weapons research program.

You'll be able to play as either the Allies or the Germans, with the plot intertwining at certain points. The Kraut campaign will see the Teutonic armies rampaging through Europe even more clinically than they did in reality, with Operation Sea Lion - the Invasion of Britain - proving a famous victory.


The second campaign will chart the course of an Allied counter-attack through southern Europe in a bid to dislodge the German foothold on the rest of the continent. Each mission will have a knock-on effect on the next, meaning that completing secondary objectives will be every bit as important as pulling off the primary ones.

Experimental weapons will play a major role in this alternate reality, with each side possessing an array of hugely destructive and graphically stunning armaments. The Germans will have titanic rockets that can cut down Allied bombers before they can drop their loads anywhere near a Berlin brewery, while the Americans will be able to call upon an Earthquake bomb that'll have the enemy shaking in their lederhosen. The Russkies will also have their fair share of experimental firepower, including the Kharkov tank, replete with five turrets.

Having seen the game in action, we can confidently report that it's looking promising, with battlefields jam-packed with chattering machine guns, roaring rockets and growling tanks. Explosions are a joy to behold, and look so realistic you can almost feel the shock waves through your monitor.

The visual effects don't stop there though. Tanks rumble along roads with a genuine sense of weight and menace, as lights from streetlamps bounce realistically off their battered armour chassis while smoke billows from their tailpipes. What's more, pounding artillery attacks severely deform the terrain, kicking up dirt and leaving the landscape pocked with craters.

Without doubt, War Front: Turning Point is one RTS worth keeping a very savvy eye on, its meld of all-out action warfare, intersecting storylines and eye-popping graphics make it one of the most exciting RTS prospects of the year, and one that could indeed bring C&C-style gameplay back into vogue with an almighty bang.